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The purpose of this policy is to convey the terms and conditions regarding pets in a Quantum Asset Management LLC managed/owned property and a Pet Addendum must be signed by all tenants when adding a pet. Pets are not permitted unless a pet addendum is completed, agreed upon, and signed by both TENANT and LANDLORD. If a pet is acquired after completion of the Pet Addendum, Quantum Asset Management LLC must be notified in writing and payment of the proper “Deposit” and “Fees” must be made. Permission to keep a pet is a privilege, not a right, and as such, may be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of management. Tenants are required to pay LANDLORD a refundable pet deposit.  PET DEPOSIT is in addition to SECURITY DEPOSIT described in your lease. TENANT, upon paying LANDLORD said PET DEPOSIT, is permitted to have the pets listed in the Pet Addendum in the LEASED PROPERTY.


LANDLORD is authorized to retain TENANT’S entire PET DEPOSIT and SECURITY DEPOSIT or a portion thereof, as reimbursement for fumigation, extermination, or any other costs incurred as a result of pet in LEASED PROPERTY. This is without prejudice to any other remedies which LANDLORD may have. LANDLORD agrees to refund to TENANT entire PET DEPOSIT or portion thereof, should costs be less than the total calculated deposit due.  In addition to PET DEPOSIT, TENANT agrees to pay LANDLORD a PET PRIVILEGE FEE of $20.00 per month per cat and $40.00 to $60.00 per month per dog. This PET PRIVILEGE FEE is in addition to the MONTHLY RENT.


TENANT understands that any complaint or notice received regarding the pet(s) is considered a violation of the LEASE and may result in immediate removal of the pet(s) and/or LEASE termination; whichever LANDLORD deems necessary. Tenant also understands that no pets are permitted to visit or temporarily be boarded in the LEASE PROPERTY; doing so would also be considered a LEASE violation and subject to immediate removal of pet and/or LEASE termination.



The following rules, restrictions, and obligations apply to all TENANTS:


1) No loud or noisy animals including excessive barking, jumping, scratching, whining, or any other sound


2) No vicious or dangerous animals are permitted. TENANT must be able to maintain control over the pet at all times


3) Pet shall be RESTRAINED AT ALL TIMES when not in apartment. Unsupervised and/or unrestrained animals in any common area are strictly prohibited


4) Pet shall be properly maintained, licensed, and inoculated as required by local, county, or state statute, ordinance, or health code


5) Pet shall display owner identification and current inoculation tags at all times


6) Any odor resulting from any pet is considered a nuisance and is strictly prohibited


7) TENANT assumes all responsibility and is strictly liable for any and all amount of any injury to any person or property as a result of the pet or it’s actions and TENANT shall indemnify LANDLORD for all costs of litigation and attorney’s fees resulting from the same


8) All food and water bowls must be placed on a protective/plastic floor covering


9) All litter boxes must be placed on a protective/plastic floor covering and maintained in a proper and sanitary condition


10) Used litter will be double bagged and disposed of in the nearest outdoor trash receptacle and NOT disposed of down the toilet regardless of product’s claim of “flushability”


11) No pet is permitted to urinate or defecate on any unprotected floor


12) TENANT agrees to clean up after dog(s) immediately and properly dispose of all waste into nearest outdoor trash receptacle


13) TENANT may not abandon the pet or leave it for an extended period of time


14) No “visiting” or temporary boarding of pets


15) No pet will be permitted to disturb the health, safety, rights, comfort, quite or peaceful enjoyment of other tenants


16) TENANT agrees to notify Quantum Asset Management LLC. of any violation by another TENANT or his/her pet


17) TENANT understands that this list is subject to change as deemed necessary by the LANDLORD

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